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I'm disgusted at the way I've been ignoring this blog lately.

I've seen AC/DC, Motley Crue, Kiss and Iron Maiden all in the last year and I didn't write about any of these shows.


Oh well, I guess I'll just go over them now, just for myself.

AC/DC – this was my first time seeing AC/DC and they were awesome.
Unfortunately, it was at BC place so I was super far away, but it was still a super-fun show.

Motley Crue – I've seen the Crue once before, but that was a long time ago.
Again, a fun show, not a great turn-out at GM place, but the floor and lower bowl were packed and there was a great vibe in the place.
It was a pretty stripped-down show, no big screens and not a lot of pyro.
Technical difficulties marred "Home Sweet Home" causing Vince Neil to proclaim "Well, sometimes things just don't fuckin' work" so that was pretty funny.

Kiss – 2nd time seeing Kiss, first with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.
It was a good show, but Tommy singing "Shock Me" seemed a bit disrespectful to me.
Oh well, a good time was had by all, I had a lot of fun at this show.

Iron Maiden – Awesome, I love Maiden.
2nd time seeing them as well, and they did not disappoint.
I did hear some complaints that there was "not enough old stuff" as they did a lot of new material, from about 2000 onwards, but I didn't mind.
It gave me a chance to rediscover those albums as I usually reach for a "classic" Maiden album instead of a newer one.
Also, not a lot of pyro, but I barely noticed, I was so into the show.

My one problem with the show was how much I hate watching Janick Gers.
If you like Janick, I have no problem with that, please don't post any nasty comments, they will not change my mind about him.
I've heard he's a super nice guy, but watching him live is embarrassing.
He jumps around the stage like some idiot teenager in an airband and he's a 53 year old man in Iron freakin' Maiden!!!!
Every time I looked at his side of the stage I was absolutely filled with a burning rage, and I thought to myself, "is this really how I should feel while watching my all-time favorite band?"
Anyway, Bruce and everyone else were amazing as always, Adrian Smith tripped and fell and if I kept my eyes to the left I enjoyed the crap outta this show.

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the KISS Scooter! Dear God, Why?

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dude, I don't even know what to say anymore!

Whatever, it's now officially become awesome, KISS will do anything and we should just accept that and move on.

Check out the video for the amazingly wtf KISS Scooter below!

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Yep, the title applies to both KISS, and my near-constant complaining about them!

Alright, here we go, the KISS meets the phantom of the park t-shirt!

Who's insanely retarded idea was this?

Sure, the movie is incredibly entertaining, but only in a really ironically campy cheesy way, is anyone really going to want to advertise for this film?

Also, it's just a lame cartoon, if it was the cover of the VHS version, it might have been kind of neat.

Oh well, who cares, I'm not even that annoyed by this one, I just thought it was kinda funny.


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Richie Sambora is a goof.

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I just thought this video was funny.

Mainly the way he tries to pretend he didn't want the job, all the while sounding as if he's trying to convince himself it's true.

P.S. I was confused at first since Richie would have been about 15 when KISS first got together, but obviously I guess he was auditioning later on to replace Ace Frehley or maybe even Vinnie Vincent. Who knows and who cares, right?

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Well, let's just get this out of the way.

It's pretty terrible.

I know Ace has been doing art like this for the last several years, so I'm pretty sure he's the one behind this.

It looks like it's a tweaked version of his 1978 solo album cover, which was totally great, so I guess I can see why he used it as a starting point.

Actually, the art itself is not really THAT bad. OK, the sunglasses are totally cheesy, (and reminiscent of the KISS album cover "Hot in the Shade" which was easily one of their worst) but aside from that it's not the worst thing in the world, it's just not particularly interesting.

The worst thing about it is the effect on the font.

That's what makes it look so amateur, the crappy "chrome" effect that never really works unless you're really good at using it, which is why almost no one should ever use it.

Also, the thing I find very interesting is the fact that Ace can't seem to stress enough how much he wants to get away from KISS and do his own thing, yet this cover has at least 3 fairly obvious KISS references.

1.  The 1978 solo album cover

2.  The "Hot in the Shade" sunglasses (probably unintentional, but obvious to KISS fans)

3.  The upside down lightning bolts over the eyes. Ace has been associated with the lightning bolt symbol before, but when they're upside down, they REALLY look like the S's in the KISS logo.

Now, I haven't heard any of the music yet, hopefully it's better than the cover.

Sorry, Ace. This album cover sucks.

I still think you're awesome though.

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King of the Night Time World

Posted: January 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hey, I just found out that KISS didn't write this song!

I guess Paul Stanley and Bob Ezrin re-arranged it and decided they should take some credit for that, but the original's pretty much the same, just not as heavy.

I was just surprised to learn something about KISS that I didn't already know.

Maybe I wasn't as big a KISS-nerd as I thought I was…

Anyway, you can hear the original here, but hurry up, it probably won't be there forever.

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Posted: September 12, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I just found out Maiden is doing a huge tour this year and focusing on their best era, 1980-88! Holy Crap! If they don't come to Vancouver I will snap! Anyway, even this small amount of hope is enough to cheer me up after that damnable KISS concert was canceled. 

I'll post more info when I get it…

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