Why didn’t I review these shows?

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I'm disgusted at the way I've been ignoring this blog lately.

I've seen AC/DC, Motley Crue, Kiss and Iron Maiden all in the last year and I didn't write about any of these shows.


Oh well, I guess I'll just go over them now, just for myself.

AC/DC – this was my first time seeing AC/DC and they were awesome.
Unfortunately, it was at BC place so I was super far away, but it was still a super-fun show.

Motley Crue – I've seen the Crue once before, but that was a long time ago.
Again, a fun show, not a great turn-out at GM place, but the floor and lower bowl were packed and there was a great vibe in the place.
It was a pretty stripped-down show, no big screens and not a lot of pyro.
Technical difficulties marred "Home Sweet Home" causing Vince Neil to proclaim "Well, sometimes things just don't fuckin' work" so that was pretty funny.

Kiss – 2nd time seeing Kiss, first with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.
It was a good show, but Tommy singing "Shock Me" seemed a bit disrespectful to me.
Oh well, a good time was had by all, I had a lot of fun at this show.

Iron Maiden – Awesome, I love Maiden.
2nd time seeing them as well, and they did not disappoint.
I did hear some complaints that there was "not enough old stuff" as they did a lot of new material, from about 2000 onwards, but I didn't mind.
It gave me a chance to rediscover those albums as I usually reach for a "classic" Maiden album instead of a newer one.
Also, not a lot of pyro, but I barely noticed, I was so into the show.

My one problem with the show was how much I hate watching Janick Gers.
If you like Janick, I have no problem with that, please don't post any nasty comments, they will not change my mind about him.
I've heard he's a super nice guy, but watching him live is embarrassing.
He jumps around the stage like some idiot teenager in an airband and he's a 53 year old man in Iron freakin' Maiden!!!!
Every time I looked at his side of the stage I was absolutely filled with a burning rage, and I thought to myself, "is this really how I should feel while watching my all-time favorite band?"
Anyway, Bruce and everyone else were amazing as always, Adrian Smith tripped and fell and if I kept my eyes to the left I enjoyed the crap outta this show.

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