NOFX – Frisbee

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

So a new NOFX album was released recently, inciting panic and nausea at the prospect of being one of the first to order it online.

Perhaps I should explain…

Whenever NOFX releases a new album, they usually do a limited run on color vinyl.

It's very limited, so you really have to be paying attention. (the color pressing of "They've actually gotten worse live" was just 521 copies!)

So, with the release of "Frisbee" (the CD was called "Coaster") instead of color vinyl they did a pressing of 1500 hand-numbered 7" singles with 2 bonus songs.

Now usually I'm right on top of this stuff, but this time I totally dropped the ball.

For one thing, the pre-order happened about a month before the record came out, so I wasn't checking the site as often as I usually would be.

Anyway, the pre-order started on a Friday and I didn't notice until the next Monday, giving everyone a 3 day head start.

I thought I'd missed it for sure, and nobody knew how limited the single would be, just that it was hand numbered, meaning it would probably be low.

After checking the Fat Wreck wiki message boards and comparing everyone else's order numbers I was sure I missed out.

So I was super happy when my order came and I had 7" #724, right in the middle of the bunch.

How did that happen? I figured if I did manage to get one, it would be number 1498 or 1499, not somewhere in the middle.

Oh well, I wasn't going to complain!

It's funny, I've written a huge article already and haven't once mentioned anything about the music on "Frisbee."

Well, it's pretty good, I really like NOFX so I like it.

The standout tracks for me are "We called it America","The Quitter" and "My Orphan Year".

My favorite is "Eddie, Bruce and Paul" which to the average person might sound like a homosexual love triangle, but is actually about Iron Maiden and their lead singer switchover in the early 80's.


My least favorite is easily "Creeping out Sara", I just find it boring and unfunny.

Anyway, a pretty solid release and the bonus 7" is the icing on the cake!

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